Most supplement products on the market claim to have their one superpower or the one golden nugget that their supplement can offer.

It’s what helps each product stand apart from the next when consumers are choosing which one to buy.

You may be wondering what is Continual-G’s superpower or what is the key function of our products?

In a nutshell, our superpower is in the ingredient Glyteine. In this blog we will cover what Glyteine is and why it’s the superpower ingredient of Continual-G.

The Power of Glyteine®

What is Glyteine you ask? Well, Glyteine is your body’s own natural and immediate precursor to glutathione.

It is the only nutrient with proven clinical bioavailability to take cellular glutathione well beyond homeostasis levels following a single dose! (For more details on glutathione, be sure to check out our Blog Post What is Glutathione?).

Most importantly, your body cannot make glutathione without Glyteine, and this is where its superpower comes into action. If we were to look at it like an equation or formula, when you add Glyteine you increase your cellular glutathione, which increases your protection from oxidative stress.

Glyteine is taken up by the cells in your body where it is rapidly converted into glutathione within hours.

Every cell in our bodies makes its own supply of glutathione. Glyteine is the ONLY supplement that has been shown in human clinical studies to increase cellular glutathione levels within hours following a single dose.

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The Superpower Ingredient of Continual-G®

The Glyteine in our Continual-G supplements, when taken regularly, supports the body’s production of cellular glutathione to help fight against oxidative stress-related risk to your continued good health. In fact, Glyteine’s (and Continual-G’s) superpower is that it is the ONLY way for you to achieve immediate boosts in cellular glutathione!

As we mentioned above, with increased levels of cellular glutathione, you will have increased support to protect against oxidative stress. It is well known that low glutathione levels and oxidative stress are the enemies of immune health, detoxification, brain health, respiratory health, and sports recovery.

Unlike with Glyteine, there is no scientific basis for glutathione or NAC based supplements to be able to boost cellular glutathione levels – they may be able to help restore but not boost, and boosts are what we need. We think it is safe to say that this is the true golden nugget of the Glyteine in Continual-G!

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