Offering an optimum product for achieving optimum health is what we pride ourselves on most. This is because we want our customers (people like yourself) to have the trust and confidence that they’re taking a supplement that does what it says it will do. And that is to rapidly increase your cellular levels of glutathione so that you can continue living life like you mean it.

Creating such a product has taken extensive time and research, not to mention a lot of love and hard work. And it makes us so delighted to be able to offer Continual-G to you. In this blog post, we will be covering what makes us the market leader in creating an optimum supplement, including the 20 plus years of research and development, the superpower ingredient of Glyteine, our Informed Sport Certification and most importantly sharing real results from real people.

Biggest Breakthrough in 100 Years

Continual–G came about from extensive research and development over the course of more than 20 years. What started out in 1997 as one scientist looking at simple baker’s yeast turned into the most important nutritional breakthrough in the last 100 years.

You may be wondering what baker’s yeast has got to do with our supplement and how it came about. Well, baker’s yeast is a rich source of glutathione. In fact, most glutathione in dietary supplements is now produced from yeast. But strange as it may seem, glutathione supplements are not the solution when your cellular glutathione stores are being depleted. What actually is being depleted is your levels of Glyteine, which is the essential precursor for the production of glutathione. Glutathione supplements, like NAC cannot bolster your glutathione reserves to help protect you against the oxidative stress brought on by exercise workouts and many, if not most health ailments.

And this is why (in a very simplified version) our branded ingredient Glyteine was created and what greatly contributes to us being the market leader in effectiveness when it comes to Continual-G. To read the full story of how Continual-G came about, click here.


Continuing on with our powerful ingredient Glyteine, it’s crucial that we let you in on why it is so important in our supplements and the role it plays in increasing cellular glutathione levels in the body.

As we mentioned above, the Glyteine present in Continual-G is a natural precursor, or building block, of glutathione. Glyteine can enter our cells and immediately boost their glutathione levels, no other nutrient-based ingredient no matter what is suggested in their marketing literature can do this. Some may be able to restore glutathione levels but only Glyteine can boost them, and boosting is what you need when you are exercising, getting old or not well. Remember it is inside your cells, where glutathione does most of its work!

We know that glutathione is the ‘Master Antioxidant’ - see our blog post What is Glutathione? for more details. However, did you know that Glyteine is also an antioxidant in its own right? So regardless of the glutathione levels in our cells, Glyteine can take over glutathione’s protective functions all on its own, which is pretty impressive if we do say so ourselves.

*Again, we don’t mean to brag but there is no doubt this continues to reinforce why we’re the market leader when it comes to glutathione*

Informed Sport Certified

Glyteine offers a number of potential health benefits, including improved athletic performance and faster muscle recovery and endurance. Our recent Informed Sport Certification testifies to the many advantages that Glyteine provides in sports generally and even more specifically to elite athletes.

Having this certification means that participants in all athletic and sporting events can confidently use Continual-G products and experience the benefits of increased cellular glutathione.

This certification certainly continues to show why we’re the market leader when it comes to creating an optimum product for achieving optimum health.

Real People, Real Reviews

Finally, we wanted to share some of the incredible reviews we have received from our customers to fully drive it home that we’re truly the market leader!

Susan B.

Just go for it

“We did, we were recommended Continual-G by a friend and have never looked back. We work physically hard every day on our Permaculture property and by taking Continual-G our muscle recovery is amazing. We are up and ready for a new day, every day. We couldn’t recommend Continual-G more highly.”

Mark M.

Go with the science.

“Since taking this, I have found that I have a feeling of significantly reduced fatigue and a clearer mind compared to before. I think this ameliorates some of my poorer dietary choices over the last few decades. At least it's giving my body a fighting chance. Signing up for continual supply.”

You can read all of the reviews here.

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