Feeling your best every day can come from a variety of different factors. Whether that be your current exercise regime, your gut health, how much sleep you get each night or even (and perhaps most importantly) your brain health.

Looking after your brain is just as important as looking after your heart or skin. This is because it can support how we feel each day and our ability to focus and make decisions.

This blog post will take you through the importance of brain health and why taking Continual-G® every day is the secret to feeling your best!

Healthy Brain, Happy Life

We think it is safe to say that it is common knowledge that a healthy brain can lead to a positive mood, increased cognitive function, increased focus, and even improved immunity from a decrease in feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

However, did you know that as much as 25% of the oxygen we breathe is used by the brain? Yes, that's right - approximately one-quarter!

This process results in the normal function of the brain producing a significant quantity of free radicals. Unfortunately, many of the different types of brain cells (e.g., neurons) have only a limited capacity to produce glutathione. If their glutathione reserves become overwhelmed by excess free radicals it could have a detrimental impact on optimal brain function at all life stages.

Known as the master antioxidant, glutathione is made by every cell in our bodies and is responsible for powering other antioxidants so that our cells do not suffer oxidative stress (which is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body). As we age, we must support our cellular glutathione levels to achieve healthy aging and to ensure overall optimum health in the brain.

Continual-G®: The Secret to Feeling Your Best

Healthy brain, happy life. It sounds pretty good, doesn't it? And it's as simple as taking Continual-G® every day!

You may be wondering why, and how? Let us let you in on a little secret. The Glyteine® inside our Continual-G® products supports the maintenance of healthy and youthful glutathione levels. This means that your brain cells will have the support they need to meet the critical antioxidant capacity they need to eliminate the free radicals that can cause damaging and even debilitating oxidative stress, if unchecked.

Plus, it's important to note that we have the only credible supplement backed by science on the market that can increase your cellular glutathione levels after a single dose.

Continual-G® helps you feel your best, both physically and mentally, thanks to its glutathione-boosting abilities. Think clearer mind, clearer life.

So, now that we have let you in on the secret to feeling your best, shop Continual-G® here.

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