Here at Continual-G® we're all about offering a high-quality product that effectively sets out what it intends to do – increase your cellular glutathione levels after a single dose, thanks to the powerful ingredient of Glyteine.

Another superpower ingredient available in our powder-form product is Sunfiber. In this blog post, we will showcase what Sunfiber is, its health benefits and what it means for you when taking Continual-G®.

What is Sunfiber?

As a soluble, prebiotic fibre, Sunfiber promotes healthy digestion and overall wellness. Boasting low fodmap and gluten-free properties, Sunfiber offers superior nutrient absorption, supports weight management (by reducing hunger) and reduces the glycemic index of foods.

Among the most adaptable of all dietary fibres for inclusion in supplements, It is tasteless, colourless, clear-mixing and highly soluble in water - meaning you won't even know it's there.

The Health Benefits

There is no doubt that healthy gut flora can positively impact your overall health and well-being. Regularly consuming Sunfiber means that your digestion remains well-balanced and regular.

In addition, more and more research continues to focus on the link between gut health and immune health - something that we all know is so important off the back of the recent pandemic. We are exposed to viruses and colds every single day, so having the added protection of improved gut health is so crucial for our bodies.

Sunfiber and Continual-G®

Knowing the numerous benefits of Sunfiber, it was a no-brainer that we added this powerful ingredient to our powder-form supplements. By doing so, you're able to receive the added benefits of this soluble fibre without needing to take a separate supplement.

And let's face it, looking after your health has never been more crucial than right now. So having the added ingredient of Sunfiber to Continual-G® ensures you're equipping your body with the armour it needs for daily protection by supporting your antioxidant production plus gut health – a mighty combo if we do say so ourselves.

Are you ready to experience the added benefits of Sunfiber? Shop Continual-G® now here.

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