Now more than ever we need optimum protection for our health and well-being. Off the back of the pandemic, it is evident that looking after our health and equipping it with the relevant tools has never been more important.

Our supplement Continual-G® provides the support you need for living life like you mean it thanks to our powerful ingredient Glyteine®. This blog post sets out to explain what Glyteine is and what it means for you and your health.

What is Glyteine?

Glyteine is the most important building block of glutathione - the master antioxidant. Without Glyteine, our cells are unable to produce glutathione. You can read about how Glyteine was discovered here.

Glyteine is the only supplement capable of boosting your cellular glutathione levels above homeostasis to relieve oxidative stress. Glyteine is the only theoretical and clinically proven natural supplement able to do this following a single dose. Other glutathione "enhancing" products on the market claiming to increase glutathione are not backed by science - no theoretical biochemical mechanism for boosting and no scientific evidence to back their claims. These so-called supplements are just value-added by-products of other industries. They may be cheaper than Continual-G® - but if they do not work - then which really is the most expensive? Glyteine is not a by-product, it was purposefully developed over a period of more than 20 years.

Glyteine is a naturally occurring and is made in every cell of your body as part of the normal process of glutathione production. Our clinical study has proven that Glyteine will increase your cellular glutathione levels within a few hours of consumption.

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What does Glyteine mean for your health?

Now that we've covered what Glyteine is, you may be wondering what this means for you and your health.

In simple terms, our cells produce glutathione through a two-step process. The first step produces Glyteine, the second step converts Glyteine to glutathione. As we age, the first step becomes less active, which compromises glutathione production.

By directly supplying our cells with Glyteine, we can effectively bypass this first step and boost their glutathione to more healthy levels. Because of Glyteine's unique ability to increase cellular glutathione safely and rapidly, we can counteract free radical damage by assisting the body's natural repair mechanisms - this will help prevent oxidative stress, and the damage it causes, and potentially increase our health span no matter what stage of life we are in.

So what does this mean for your health? By counteracting free radical damage and minimising oxidative stress, your body is able to defend itself against viruses and illnesses more effectively. Something that is so crucial in today's world.

Infectious diseases are everywhere - you just never know when you are going to encounter one. However, the pandemic has taught us well that we will all be meeting quite a few during the course of our lives.

Maximise your chances of remaining healthy by arming your immune system with Continual-G®.

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