"Live like you mean it" – this is what drives us to do better and be better at Continual-G® every single day and is what drove us to develop our powerful supplement after 20 years of extensive research and development.

You may be wondering 'how did Continual-G® come about' or 'what is the back story here'? In this blog post, we share with you the history of Continual-G® and the numerous health benefits it can offer you today!

The History

Before we delve into the past, we thought it would be useful to remind you of what Continual-G® is and what it offers. Continual-G®, with Glyteine inside, is the only credible product on the market capable of increasing your cellular glutathione levels - the master antioxidant - after a single dose.

With this in mind, Continual-G® origins stem back to the late 1990s, when more than 20 years ago, glutathione was, at the time, a somewhat under-the-radar product in the burgeoning nutritional field of antioxidants.

During this time, Dr Wallace Bridge of the renowned University of New South Wales in Australia was conducting research on baker's yeast (a rich source of glutathione) and saw what nobody else had seen, which would lead to the most important nutritional breakthrough in the last 100 years. That was, the identification and ultimately the confirmation that the natural precursor gamma-glutamylcysteine (later branded as Glyteine) had the unique capacity to be taken up by cells and increase their glutathione content above homeostasis.

To make the power of Glyteine available to the world, Dr Bridge and his team set about inventing a process to make it.

Continual-G® Today

Fast forward to today, and Continual-G® is a one-of-a-kind supplement that enables you to think faster, fight stronger and recover earlier thanks to the world's ONLY effective glutathione supplement.

As we age, it's not unusual for us to get tired, to recover slower from injury and illness, or for our minds to feel a little fuzzier and more unclear than they did when we were younger.

The boost in your cellular glutathione levels provided by, Continual-G® with Glyteine inside, helps us fight free radicals that can cause some of the challenges that come with age or ill health.

No other supplement on the market has the ability to do what Continual-G® does. This is because Glyteine is the immediate precursor to glutathione and is the only theoretical and clinically proven antioxidant capable of boosting your cellular glutathione levels above homeostasis. And above homeostasis is often what is needed to relieve oxidative stress that comes from being ill or just aging.

So, now that you have a clear snapshot of the history behind Continual-G®, shop here.

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