How to set your morning up for success?

Do you want to feel your best every day? Living life to the fullest with a sense of purpose and direction?

Feeling your best starts with setting up your morning routine so that you're ready to conquer each day.

We cannot stress how important your morning routine is for your day-to-day life PLUS your overall health and wellbeing. This is why we have the checklist below so that you can be in the best position to kick start each day:

  1. Wake up at the same time every day
    Waking up at the same time every day is so crucial to ensuring your circadian rhythm (your body system that regulates your sleep cycle) is maintained. By doing so, your body will be in an optimised sleep pattern, and you will wake each morning feeling refreshed and ready to jump out of bed.

    If you mess too much around with your sleep pattern, your body can become confused – leaving you feeling sluggish and tired in the morning.

    We also recommend aiming for 7-9 hours of sleep per night (depending on your lifestyle and body needs).
  2. Allow natural light into your room
    Natural light helps with regulating your circadian rhythm as it assists in signalling to your body that it's time to wake up. As a result, this increases your mood as your body wakes naturally without being forced.
  3. Drink a glass of water
    Your body naturally becomes dehydrated overnight when you're sleeping. So, starting your morning with a glass of water is essential to ensure your body becomes hydrated again and its fluids are replenished. Drinking water will also help with your metabolism and kick-start your digestion.
  4. Eat breakfast
    Eating a healthy breakfast made up of complex carbs, fibre and protein will also help kick start your metabolism and keep you going for the day.

    Did you know that eating a decent breakfast every morning will help lower your risk of diabetes and improve cognitive function? All the more reason to add this into your morning routine.
  5. Exercise
    Exercising in the morning will increase your energy, boost your metabolism, improve your mood, assist with quality sleep, offer you a sense of achievement and finally a positive mindset for the day. If these don't motivate you to move your body every morning then we don't know what will!
  6. Meditate
    You're probably thinking, “who even has the time for this?”. We get it, finding time to meditate every morning might not be up there on your list of things to do. But with this practice promoting self-awareness, better sleep and overall well-being and decreasing anxiety, we cannot stress the importance of meditation in the morning! Set the tone and your mindset for the day within just a few minutes to yourself.
  7. Make a to-do list
    Making a to-do list each morning (or even the night before) will help you set your priorities for the day. By doing so, you can start each day with a clearer mind and a plan in place, with tasks that are meaningful and attainable for you.
  8. Breathing exercises
    Like mediation, take a few minutes (or moments) to practice deep belly breathing each morning to help you remain calm and energised for the day ahead. This will help ease any stress or tension you may be feeling and keep you grounded.
  9. Enjoy a cup of tea
    Did you know that tea (particularly green tea) will offer more sustained energy (without the crash) than coffee? Enjoy a cup of tea in the morning and remain alert throughout the day. Take this moment to also pause and be present.
  10. Take Continual-G
    Finish off your successful morning preparation with a dose of Continual-G. Available in either capsule or sachet form, for your convenience, our powerful supplement will ensure you're feeling your best every day thanks to the powerful ingredient of Glyteine that increases the cellular production of glutathione in the body.
  11. Glutathione is responsible for assisting with immunity, sports recovery, brain health and overall healthy living.

    Imagine how good you will feel every day if you implement these ten steps!

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