How to choose the right supplement?

Choosing the right supplement for you can be daunting. You may have questions such as "where to start" or "what to look for"? We get it, navigating this ever- increasing and ever-changing industry can be overwhelming at the best of times.

Luckily for you, we have done the work for you, so you can spend more of your precious time feeling your best, thinking faster, fighting stronger and recovering earlier.

So where to start? To choose the right supplement for you, you firstly need to know your body, your lifestyle, and your daily needs. The below factors are always a good place to kick things off:

  • Age – for example, your risk of Vitamin D deficiency increases as you age
  • Medications – are you currently taking any prescription medications? Could they inhibit the absorption of certain vitamins?
  • Food Allergies – some people with allergies have a limited diet so they can't get all the nutrients they need from food
  • Type of Diet – for example, it can be hard to get enough Vitamin B12 from a vegan diet
  • Pregnancy – pregnant women will require particular supplements including folic acid
  • Lifestyle – are you an active person? Do you like to work out and eat a balanced diet?
  • Level of Exposure to Toxins and Pollutants – are you regularly in cities and/or on public transport? Does your work involve being around high levels of toxins?
  • Health Concerns – do you find that you're regularly becoming sick or run down?

Think about how each of the above points relates to your current circumstances and equip yourself with your relevant personal knowledge so you know what your body requires.

In addition, be sure to keep the points below in mind:

  • Read the supplement ingredients thoroughly
  • Check and consider the dosage of the supplement
  • Check where the supplement is made
  • Consider your goals and what you want to achieve
  • Consider your unique situation

How does Continual-G stand out from the rest?

So, you've got your checklist for how to choose the right supplement, now what? You turn to Continual-G!

Backed by real peer-reviewed published science, it is the only credible option when it comes to increasing cellular glutathione levels (see our previous blog post here) for all things about glutathione you can rest easy knowing we have done the legwork for you.

We stand out by being the only supplement brand that contains Glyteine, and it has taken us over 20 years of intensive and dedicated research and development to make it available for you. Continual-G is a unique dietary supplement brand, the ONLY nutrient-based products that can and do boost cellular glutathione levels following a single dose.

When you think about the extensive benefits of Glyteine (again see our previous blog post), we know that this antioxidant enhances immune support, faster recovery from extensive exercise, brain health and overall healthy living. Looking back on your checklist, we're sure these benefits will come into this. We need to keep in mind that every living organism from bacteria through to us that uses oxygen is dependent on Glyteine and glutathione.

Breaking this down further, the Glyteine in Continual-G stands out from all other antioxidants for the following science-based reasons:

The Science

Naturally produced inside our body's cells, glutathione is the master antioxidant responsible for powering other antioxidants, to relieve oxidative stress. As our natural production of glutathione declines, and it becomes more difficult to fend off illness and recover, Continual-G steps in with Glyteine – the only way to achieving immediate increased cellular glutathione.

Again, it's important to note there is no scientific basis for glutathione-only supplements to be able to increase glutathione levels. In fact, in human clinical studies, only Glyteine has been shown to do so after a single oral dose. We love when science speaks the truth!

The Antioxidant

We believe in products that work, and so do the esteemed Australian scientists we partner with. Continual-G has many proven published studies to show that it is the only supplement on the market capable of entering cells and boosting the body's natural production of glutathione. Natural, safe, and effective.

The Benefit

There's nothing worse than not being able to live or feel our best. Continual-G elevates the body's natural glutathione levels inside our cells. This can help immunity, support brain health and skin appearance, and assist with sports and injury recovery – so you can get the most out of life, every single day!

The Reason

Life is short, and we want you to enjoy it. When you feel better, you look better, and you live better. Our extensive research has proven that Continual-G will increase cellular glutathione levels to relieve oxidative stress and help our bodies and minds. Once we knew that, we had to share it!

Yes, choosing the right supplement can be a daunting task. But with your checklist for what your body needs and Continual-G being backed by science, it is our hope that you can now see how we stand out from the rest and the numerous health benefits it can offer you. We also believe that knowledge is power when it comes to your health, so having the relevant information you need for your body as well as the science behind Continual-G will equip you to make informed choices and help you feel your best.

Live your life with the confidence that you're giving your body all that it needs to live well every day, knowing you're taking a high-quality product that has real credible science behind it.

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Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. It is provided for educational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before starting any new treatment or discontinuing an existing treatment. Talk with your healthcare provider about any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.