As we age, it's not unusual for us to get tired faster, to recover slower from injury and illness, or for our minds to feel a little fuzzier and more unclear than they did when we were younger.

We're sure the saying 'your health is your wealth' is one that you have heard from time to time, and for us, it's what guides us every day here at Continual-G® - living life like you mean it.

In this blog post, we set out to fill you in on what Continual-G® means for healthy living.

Healthy Living, Happy Living

This is the ultimate dream, right? To live a life where you're healthy and happy. And to think your health is the key to everything else in your life … being able to work, exercise, and travel… really puts things into perspective.

Our bodies tend to reach physical maturity by our late 20s, after which our homeostatic cellular glutathione levels begin to decline. This in turn raises the potential for our bodies, cells and tissues to suffer higher levels of oxidative stress, which is of course not good for us.

Continued or repeated exposure to oxidative stress may affect our cells' ability to maintain normal health, meaning some of our cells, tissue and organs may have diminished ability to function at an optimal level.

With these diminished levels, our bodies are at increased risks of becoming ill, recovering slower and overall just feeling unwell.

By taking Continual-G® every day, you can well and truly be on your way to living a healthy life. There is no doubt that healthy living offers countless potential benefits, including the freedom to play sports, engage in social activities and go about your everyday life - to name a few.

Most importantly, a healthy lifestyle can assist you to maintain a healthy immune system - something we all know is absolutely crucial off the back of the pandemic. Infectious diseases are everywhere but you never know when you are going to meet one, but the pandemic has taught you well that you will be meeting quite a few. Maximise your chances of staying healthy by arming your immune system with Continual-G®.

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