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Whole Foods Magazine article introduces readers to Glyteine®

When Whole Foods Magazine columnist Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., CNS wrote an article about antioxidants and master antioxidants, it may have been the first time that some readers learned the significance of glutathione and Glyteine®. Bowden made the information even more relevant and compelling by relating a story printed in the “New York Post” about how one COVID-19 patient responded positively to glutathione treatment.

Bowden used that story as a reason to explain what antioxidants do, which is to neutralize the damage of free radicals. “Without antioxidants to mount an attack on the free radicals that can destroy our tissues and cells, we’d pretty much be toast,” he wrote.

He then explained that the most powerful antioxidant made by the body is glutathione, giving details of how glutathione has been shown to benefit heart and immune health.

By now, readers were no doubt interested in how they can support healthy glutathione levels. Bowden advised, “Glutathione supplements, at least traditionally, have been extremely difficult to absorb. And while there are oral supplements that the manufacturers claim are effective, they are few and far between.” He then pointed out how difficult it has been to get more glutathione inside cells, where it’s needed.

“GGC to the rescue,” he wrote. “[GGC is] a glutathione precursor that virtually guarantees glutathione will wind up in the cells. … Recently, a proprietary form of GGC — called Glyteine® — was developed, and shown in human trials to actually increase cellular glutathione.”

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