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What is Continual-G®?

Continual-G® is a new product line of dietary supplements that contain Glyteine® as the dietary ingredient.

Glyteine® is taken up by the cells in your body where it is rapidly converted into glutathione in 2 hours (Refer Study). Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant, which is responsible for oxidative stress support. Every cell in our bodies makes its own supply of glutathione.* Searching on for "glutathione" together with any other health related condition of your personal interest is likely to list numerous scientific reports discussing the relationship between depleted glutathione and that health condition. When we stress our bodies through excess exercise, exposure to toxins, or from overindulgence of just about anything then we can quickly use up our glutathione reserves which may expose our cells to the risk and perils of oxidative stress.
The Continual-G® Drink Mix when dissolved in a glass of water provides a refreshing beverage option for including Glyteine® in your daily diet. Glyteine® is the proprietary form of gamma glutamylcysteine. Glyteine® is not glutathione - but your body cannot make glutathione without it.
It is well known in the scientific community, despite what you may read in marketing literature, that glutathione itself and other supplements such as N-acetylcysteine (NAC) cannot actually increase glutathione levels inside your cells – whether taken orally or intravenously. And …. inside your cells is where glutathione is needed.
Unlike with Glyteine®, there is no scientific basis for glutathione or NAC to be able to increase cellular glutathione levels. In fact, in human clinical studies, only Glyteine® has been shown to do so after a single oral dose.
Continual-G® is the only supplement brand that contains Glyteine® and it has taken us over 20 years of intensive and dedicated research and development to make it available to you.