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Publication calls INID Research Lab a "miracle worker"

When you're the only company in the world to make a game-changing ingredient, it's gratifying when the media showers praise on your work. InnovationMap recently shined the spotlight on INID Research Lab as an innovative leader in the Houston community.

Contributing writer Laura Furr Mericas interviewed INID Research President Rajan Shah for her article, “Houston lab develops game-changing supplement for cell health.” Shah explained why the company's patented ingredient Glyteine®, produced in the Houston suburb of Cypress, represents a significant change in the multi-million dollar glutathione dietary supplement industry.

"The fact that the only way to increase cellular glutathione is with Glyteine® has been known for almost 40 years," Shah said. "The problem is how to make it in a way which becomes cost effective so that it can be sold and people can afford to buy it."

This naturally occurring molecule, entirely new to the market, is the result of 20 years of collaborative work by a group of Australian biochemical scientists and engineers. The article takes readers through the challenging process of how Glyteine® was ultimately brought into production in the Houston area in the finished drink mix product, Continual-G®. Today, some quarter of a million servings of Continual-G® are produced each month.

Research has shown that Glyteine® has the game-changing ability to quickly raise glutathione levels in our cells, where it is most needed. Its singular ability to cross cell membranes and raise glutathione levels above their set point (homeostasis) could have major significance for human health.

"That alone has made it well worth the effort to overcome every challenge we have faced and continue to face," Shah told Mericas.