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Continual-G® made headlines in 2020, for all the right reasons

Nutrition industry professionals from around the world now know why Continual-G® and Glyteine® are generating so much excitement, thanks to an interview with Wallace Bridge, Ph.D. published in the leading international publication, Nutrition Insight.

"With heightened interest in antioxidants for immune support, INID Research Lab studies show that Glyteine® can be instrumental in raising glutathione (a type of antioxidant) levels," noted journalists Anni Schleicher and Kristiana Lalou.

Bridge told Nutrition Insight, "Before the release of Continual-G® products containing Glyteine®, there has never been a supplement that could provide the GGC needed to boost glutathione production during aging and illness."

He further elaborated, "No other compound, including glutathione itself and the cysteine prodrug N-acetylcysteine, has been shown to be able to rapidly increase cellular glutathione levels following a single dose. Keep in mind, it is inside cells, not outside, where glutathione is most needed."

Continual-G® may support a healthy immune system, optimal physical activity and recovery, optimal brain health and healthy aging. Learn more about the benefits. Use our promo codes to save as much as 20% on your Continual-G® order.

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