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Improving your appearance from within

From what foods to eat to which skin products to apply, it seems there's always new anti-aging advice. One thing that you may have heard about but may not completely understand is oxidation's role in potentially accelerating aging.

"What happens on the skin is actually a wonderful model of what's happening on the inside,"

- Jonny Bowden, Ph.D. CNS,

explained during a BYURadio interview on SiriusXM. "Cut an avocado and it browns quickly. That's oxidative damage, which is free radical damage. Similarly, when we're exposed to too much sun, our skin browns and wrinkles. That's also oxidation." He added that oxidative damage happens on the inside of the body as well.

Bowden explained that oxidative damage can be caused by exposure to everyday toxins as well as stress. "When your system is fighting against all these things, it doesn't have much time to focus on your immune system," he commented.

He told the hosts that glutathione is the “Holy Grail” for fighting free radicals, but that the body's ability to produce glutathione lessens as we age. While he stated that there are no good food sources of glutathione, he said that he has finally found an effective way to boost his glutathione levels: the Glyteine® in Continual-G®. "When you give your body Glyteine®, within 90 minutes you'll have more glutathione." Glyteine® increases cellular glutathione levels above homeostasis.