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Major industry publication profiles Continual-G®

Our sincere thanks to NutraIngredients-USA Deputy Editor Hank Schultz for introducing Continual-G® to the publication’s thousands of readers across the country. He also explained how Continual-G® is differentiating itself from other glutathione supplements on the market, and why this fast-acting, effective supplement has great potential for the healthy aging, general health and sports nutrition markets.

Glutathione is the body’s Master Antioxidant and the subject of more than 7,500 studies this past year alone. Because of the molecule’s significance to health, and because the body’s ability to manufacture glutathione degrades as cells age, much attention is being paid to how to support healthy glutathione levels.

"The number of studies done on glutathione is a massive amount for one molecule," said INID Research Lab President Rajan Shah in the article. "There have been correlations between depleted glutathione levels and a whole range of chronic diseases."

The article described why, until now, glutathione supplementation has been problematic. The molecule tends to be quickly broken down by extracellular enzymes into its component amino acids. That could still supply cells with the building blocks for endogenous glutathione synthesis but it doesn’t address the degradation of the enzymes responsible for maintaining glutathione homeostasis. Some existing ingredients claim to slightly increase cellular glutathione levels but only after months of supplementation.

Shultz told readers about INID Research Lab’s branded ingredient, Glyteine®. The active ingredient in Continual-G®, was shown in a published, peer-reviewed study to substantially increase cellular glutathione levels above basal levels within 90 minutes of supplementation.

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