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Continual-G® Capsules

The Super Supplement with the power of Glyteine®
Continual-G Capsule SupplyContinual-G Capsule Supply

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Wimbledon Tennis Champion, Pat Cash, shares his experience of making Continual-G® a part of his daily routine.
Professor Wallace shares with Pat Cash the science behind Glyteine - how and why it works.

Benefits of Glyteine®

Improves Skin Health
Improves Skin
Faster Post-Workout Recovery
Faster Post-Workout
Shorter Sports Recovery
Shorter Sports
Enhances Vitality
Complements Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging
Supports Immunity
Elevates Healthspan
Boosts Brain Health
Boosts Brain
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Continual-G® is also available in easy-to-mix Powder form

Product FAQs

  • What is Glyteine®?

    Glyteine® is the proprietary name for gamma-glutamylcysteine which is the most important building block of glutathione. Without Glyteine®, our cells are unable to produce glutathione.
  • How can Glyteine® benefit me?

    Because of Glyteine®’s unique ability to increase cellular glutathione safely and rapidly, we can counteract free radical damage by assisting the body’s natural repair mechanisms. This will prevent the effects of oxidative stress and potentially increase our health span no matter what stage of life we are in.
  • How much Glyteine® should I take and when?

    The recommended dosage of Continual-G® with Glyteine® inside is one drink sachet taken twice a day, ideally taken about 12 hours apart. The absorption of Glyteine® is not dependant on food consumption. Glyteine® is completely natural and safe, and no adverse effects have been reported during our clinical study.
  • What about N-acetylcysteine (NAC)?

    There is plenty of information on the web on how NAC supposedly increases glutathione. However, the assumption is that we are lacking cysteine in some way. After all, NAC is just a form of cysteine. In reality, our diets are rich in cysteine, and our body is capable of making its own. Cysteine is neither a vitamin nor an essential amino acid.