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The Continual-G® line of dietary supplements contain Glyteine®, which is a proprietary form of the glutathione intermediate, gamma glutamylcysteine (GGC).

Chronic medical conditions generally involve a loss in capacity to produce sufficient glutathione or an increased exposure to oxidants that overwhelms glutathione reserves. Both situations lead to cellular oxidative stress, then loss in physiological function, which manifests as symptoms.

Glyteine® is taken up by cells and immediately converted to glutathione via the enzyme glutathione synthase. These increases in glutathione above homeostasis offer an option for transient relief of oxidative stress and potentially an opportunity for cellular recovery.


I love this product. I feel amazing after only 5 days use. I am 82 years young now, instead of 82 years old. The difference in my energy, interests drive, gastrointestinal issues has been nothing short of astonishing. Each day I feel better and better and my sleep difficulties are resolving without resorting to melatonin. The taste of the product is perfect. I prefer my dose in ice water which reminds me of lemon-lime aide.

Dr. Kathleen Oleson