Embracing vigorous exercise holds a myriad of benefits for our well-being including torching calories, sculpting muscles, enhancing cardiovascular health, revving up the metabolism, and beyond. However, like everything else in life, there are also drawbacks.

While free radicals (such as reactive oxygen species – ROS) are natural byproducts of metabolism, their overproduction during intense workouts can also have adverse effects on the athlete. The body's antioxidant defense system normally counters ROS, maintaining balance. However, during prolonged or rigorous exercise, this equilibrium is disrupted as the body struggles to produce sufficient antioxidants to counter the faster generation of ROS, triggering the phenomenon commonly known as oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress undermines cellular health and recovery, exerting adverse effects contrary to the intended benefits of exercise. Fortunately, nature has provided a solution – the master antioxidant -glutathione. Since oxidative stress is generated inside cells, only glutathione present inside cells can neutralize oxidative stress - hence the need for elevated CELLULAR GLUTATHIONE levels.


Athletes engaging in intense or prolonged physical activity are particularly susceptible to oxidative stress due to the heightened production of ROS.

Damage to muscles:
It can impair muscle function and recovery, leading to prolonged soreness, stiffness, and fatigue. It can affect muscle strength and endurance.

Decreased performance & inflammation:
Additionally, oxidative damage to tissues can increase the risk of injuries, decrease exercise performance, and delay overall recovery times between workouts.

Chronic health issues:
Furthermore, chronic oxidative stress has been linked to various serious and chronic health issues.


Glutathione is made inside cells from three amino acids by two sequential reactions. The first joins cysteine and glutamate to form gamma-glutamylcysteine (Glyteine) and the second adds glycine to form glutathione.

To mitigate the adverse effects of oxidative stress, athletes need a supplement that can help them maintain adequate levels of cellular glutathione to neutralize exercise-induced excess ROS production.

Of glutathione's three amino acids, cysteine is the first one to run out when demand is high. Until now the only options previously available to athletes were NAC and glutathione supplements which can provide the cysteine needed for cells to make glutathione as fast as they can. But this may still be too slow to fight a tidal wave of free radicals arising from extreme exercise and oxidative stress will still occur, as does some damage.

Glyteine is a breakthrough product, and being the immediate precursor to glutathione, it has the unique ability to increase cellular glutathione levels above normal (homeostasis).

This means you can use Glyteine to provide your cells with a larger pool of glutathione before you begin your exercise, which can help you avoid cellular oxidative stress, support your energy levels, and mitigate muscle damage.


Continual-G® is the only supplement with the power of Glyteine which can rapidly boost cellular glutathione levels with a single dose. Including Continual-G® in pre-workout and post-workout athletic routines has proven to show faster workout recovery and to reduce long-term damage from intense workouts.

Athletes pushing their bodies need the support of Continual-G® to increase their fitness and performance to the optimal level.

Glyteine is Informed-Sport certified, meaning it is approved for use in competitive sports as this Super nutrient should be. Give yourself a competitive advantage and try Continual-G®, you won't regret it.