Online and celebrity fitness expert Brent Bishop is a popular guest on TV programs across the U.S. Recently, he was excited to share his exercise secrets for people in their 40s and 50s. In each interview, his pre exercise advice included consuming Continual-G® with Glyteine® two hours before working out.

While you can get back into workout mode at any age, Bishop cautioned Good Morning Arizona viewers: “As you get older, your approach needs to change. Your muscles don't recover as well. Tissue damage takes longer to heal.”

He explained that exercise creates free radicals: unstable atoms that cause pain and joint issues, among other types of damage. People who are older tend to feel the effects of free radical damage more than young people. “You have to add cellular health to your plan.”

Bishop said that glutathione is the body's master antioxidant, and that it helps sweep up the free radicals that happen during exercise. “Glyteine® ramps up your body's ability to produce intracellular glutathione,” he told Tampa, Florida audiences on NBC-TV's Bloom. “You'll have better performance, recover faster and get better results overall.”

He confirmed to CBS-TV Great Day San Antonio viewers, “Continual-G® is the only product on the market that contains Glyteine®. It is one of my favorite products, and a great way to ensure you're maximizing our recovery after you work out.”

During his appearances, including this one on ABC-TV's Afternoon Live in Portland, Oregon, Bishop demonstrated how easy it is to incorporate Continual-G® into your pre-workout routine.

He mixes a sachet into his water bottle and drinks it two hours before working out. “This is one product that starts working in a single dose,” he explained. “And it will last about six hours.”

Glutathione is a very potent antioxidant that our bodies make on their own. But as we age, our glutathione-making process becomes less efficient so we need to find another way to offset the free radicals. Glyteine® enables your body's cells to produce its own glutathione which is the most effective way to mop up excess free radicals.

When taken before exercise, the Glyteine® in Continual-G® supports your glutathione levels, increasing available glutathione which may support optimal physical activity and support recovery from that activity.