Looking after our immunity involves several factors, including our diet, exercise regime, sleep duration and quality, and our overall levels of stress.

However, did you know that glutathione is the immune system's best-kept secret and is one of the key players when it comes to all things health and well-being? This is because glutathione is the master cellular antioxidant and is pivotal and essential in the ongoing battle to keep free radicals at bay. You can read our full glutathione blog post here.

In this blog post, we take you through a breakdown of immunity and how Continual-G® supports good health.

The Immune System

Our immune system is a complex network of organs, cells and proteins that defend our bodies against infection.

In other words, it acts as our main shield of defence, ensuring our bodies always remain in good health by protecting us from outside invaders - including bacteria, viruses, and toxins, to name a few.

But there are times when our immune system becomes overburdened and/or is unable to effectively fend off these bacterial and viral pathogens, which can lead to compromised health. This susceptibility to infections can result from a variety of factors including stress, lack of sleep (as mentioned above), or our varied lifestyles, which can all deplete our cellular glutathione levels.

When this happens, we may find that our bodies tend to become sick more frequently, we always feel run down and/or tired, and we lack the energy to complete certain tasks.

Continual-G® and Good Health

You may be wondering how Continual-G® fits into the picture for your immunity.

For starters, your cellular glutathione levels - your body's master antioxidant - can decline when you're stressed, over-exercising or just from your lifestyles. When your cellular glutathione levels are depleted, it can lead to your body not feeling the best and your overall immunity not performing optimally.

This is where Continual-G® comes in. Our supplements are the only credible product backed by science on the market that can increase your cellular glutathione levels after a single dose. And this is thanks to our powerful ingredient Glyteine® - the precursor needed to increase your glutathione levels. You can read more about Glyteine® here.

There is no doubt that your body's ability to function optimally is constantly challenged by today's stressful lifestyle - which is why we created Continual-G® in the first place. By taking Continual-G® regularly, your glutathione levels are maintained and therefore your overall immunity and well-being have the best chance of remaining in great shape for maximum health.

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