Getting Started:

  • How can I register as an Affiliate?

    Step 1. Create an account with us on the Continual-G® website. If you already have an account, follow the next steps
    Step 2. Sign in and go to 'My Account'
    Step 3. Select My Affiliate available under My Dashboard
    Step 4. Read about our Affiliate program and click on Sign up
    Step 5. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions & your registration is done!

  • How can I promote Continual-G® to friends/followers?

    Once you have read through our Terms and Conditions and signed up to the Affiliate account, you will get access to the Affiliate dashboard.

    1. You can head to the Refer a friend tab to get your referral code/ referral URL or send a customized invitation.
    2. Alternatively, click on Banner in your Affiliate dashboard and get easy access to the links to add to your website/blogs or any social media platform you choose to use for promotions.

    If you need additional support, please email us at

  • When do I earn commissions?

    You earn a commission when a new customer purchases Continual-G® using your unique referral link (URL). The commission is only earned for the first order of a new customer. Terms & Conditions provide additional details on this topic. Commissions are only payable on orders that are not returned by the customer. To ensure this, the commissions earned will only be added to your account after a period of 45 days from the date of the order.

  • What is Cookie Window?

    When an Affiliate link is clicked, it starts a timer called a “cookie window”. The cookie window is “the time period over which you can earn a commission on items added to the cart”. Continual-G® offers a 90-day cookie window where you can get credit for items added to a shopping cart.

    However, it is also possible that a customer may arrive at Continual-G® via your unique referral link, add an item to the shopping cart, and then leave without placing an order. This means that Affiliates have exactly 90 days to seal the deal, once a link has been clicked. However, if a purchase is made after this period, it does not qualify for a commission.

  • What if the customer returns/cancels the product?

    Continual-G® has a 30-day cancellation/return policy. Hence products ordered through your Affiliate links might get cancelled or returned within 30 days of ordering. We make payments to the Affiliates only for products that are not returned within these 30 days.

Getting Started:

  • How do I check my earnings?

    Click on My Earnings in your dashboard to get all the details about your commissions and keep track easily.

  • What does 'Holding Balance' mean?

    This simply means we hold the order(s) commission for 45 days as a waiting period. In case of order cancellation or returns within 30 days, the commission will not get reflected in your Holding Balance.

  • How to request for withdrawal?

    Withdrawal from your commission is an easy process! Just click on My Withdrawal & submit the required details like Amount & PayPal email associate.
    The minimum withdrawal amount should be $50 and a maximum of $200 in a single transaction.

  • How to check the status of my withdrawal request?

    Once you have submitted a withdrawal request, kindly wait for 3 working days to get the approval. Once approved it will take 2 working days to transfer the amount to your linked account. In case of any queries, you can email us at .

  • How to close the Affiliate account?

    To close your account permanently, you can drop in a request at .

    Kindly note that once your account is closed, you will not be able to access your Affiliate account or any details related to the Affiliate program.

    You can reach out to us at for any further assistance.